My Caribbean Bikini Journal | Lisa Kaminski Swim and Resort Wear Recap

My recent whirlwind trip to the Caribbean was nothing short of exotic, breathtaking, and inspiring. In preparation for this three part adventure I knew there was only one designer I was interested in using for my wardrobe while I was filming excursions for Coconut Bay in St. Lucia and then reviewing b2 Hotel in downtown Miami, and Scrub Island Resort in the BVI. Lisa Kaminski’s swim and resort wear has been featured before on my blog and her pieces never fail to strike the perfect silhouette. Whether you are dressing up or down her collectible designs make a scene and turn heads. I confess swim wear has always been a little tricky on my curvy figure. However there is just something about Lisa’s designs that make me feel like a million bucks. She truly knows how to wield a special kind of magic in her garments. The kind of magic that might just convince you that romance, adventure, and intrigue are still very much alive. 

The Essentials

When traveling I need pieces that 
A. Resist Wrinkling 
B. Are lightweight and easy to pack. 
C. Are versatile for a variety of occasions. 
D. Are fashionable and appropriate for the destination. 
Lisa’s work fell into all of these categories especially since I was traveling to luxurious island destinations I would need to be be able to dress up or down for. 
Also keep in mind I brought my wardrobe for filming so this was a complete styled shoot requiring me to pack swim wear, dresses, and activewear not to mention accessories and makeup. 
Everything in one medium carry on bag and a tote bag for my electronics and purse.
Loved this organized bag where I kept accessories, makeup, and toiletries. 

I’m big on traveling light and made 9 days worth of traveling to St. Lucia, Miami, and Scrub Island fit into one medium carry on bag. Yes that includes shoes! See my packing tips here. I believe in wearing your biggest items on travel days so I wore one of my hats, my jean jacket in case of cool weather and airport ac, and my biggest shoes which were calf length sandals. 
This dress! By far the sexiest thing I think I may have worn the whole trip. There is a slit in the leg that goes for miles. I felt like a sexy castaway with the great use of color and finishing details like the rope you tie the halter with. The wind certainly gave it a dramatic flair convincing me that I will just need to carry a fan around with me when I wear this in the future. 
iPhone shot

Remember this dress? Check out the bikini version below!
The Barcelona Swimsuit Love the bikini version! 
Like I said there is just something about Lisa’s work that makes you feel amazing. I think she just really knows that a woman’s body should be celebrated and isn’t afraid to design for curves. Her fabrics are silky and vibrant, simultaneously standing out while keeping you comfortable. 
The sexy Revered II mono-kini made me feel like a Bond Girl
These sexy mono-kinis were major fan favs. 


Lisa’s fashionable daytime designs are both chic and functional and look stellar on their own or layered with one of her luxe bikini’s underneath. Gotta be ready for poolside at a moments notice after all. 

The Soleil Tunic was a match for the Caribbean sunshine! 

We all know that relaxing while on getaway is a must! But so having fun! It’s essential that an island wardrobe be comfy enough to get out there and experience the adventure that awaits! I think it’s safe to say these designs covered all the bases. 

Love this shot provided by Bclip for Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia with the famous Pitons in the background. 

I wore this versatile maxi quite a bit. Flattering, yet still colorful and light enough for the warm tropics.  
A few more behind the scenes shots from my instagram account. 
This dress was perfect pool side or topped with a jacket for the airport. 

What’s hotter than a white bikini on a Catamaran? 

Going Snorkeling in this cute fish print. Contrasting prints with the multicolored cover up. 

That black mono-kini making an appearance again. 

Coconut Bay Resort provided lots of sun hats and wraps from their boutique. 
Drooling over Lisa Kaminski’s designs? Collect them for yourself on her website, or find her work at Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL.  As for me, I continue to add to my LK collection as she introduces each new inspired season. 
Until then….
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
More great reviews from my travels coming soon! 

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