My Roman Holiday | Bucket List Series
Amy West in front of Trevi Fountain in Rome

Before I was a travel writer, I was just a girl who loved to travel. In 2010 I checked a destination off my bucket list that is as iconic as it is ancient. Rome, at one time the epicenter of the world’s power, remains to this day largely the same. My Roman holiday was coupled with a visit to the Islands of Malta as well, and as far as my travels go, it was one of the most memorable trips I have ever experienced. Here’s why you should add Rome to your bucket list.

An aerial view of the Forum in Rome

The Eternal City

My personal journey to Rome came as an unexpected surprise. An amazing friend of mine had won the trip of a lifetime and needed a buddy. Looking for an experienced travel companion like herself, she turned to me. You can imagine my response. Queue screams and jumping up and down. A mostly expenses paid trip, my out of pocket was extremely minimal. The trip? It was everything you would expect. Romantic, humbling, and moving.

Amy West in front of the Colosseum in Rome

One of the biggest bonuses of traveling with my friend Sunny, was that she had been to Rome many times before and even had her wedding there, making it easier to access the less traveled side of Rome with ease. It sure didn’t hurt that she knew her way around the Italian language as well. Very helpful when ordering that craving of Tiramisu or Espresso.

Tiramisu and Espresso in Rome

Rome has a way of touching the soul. The Colosseum, Forum, and Vatican City aren’t just tourist attractions made to look like monuments to the past. These are real places, that have survived the passage of time, and have been lovingly preserved throughout centuries. There is a maturity to the civilization and culture that echoes deep. I found the culture was very different from the young American culture. The streets of Rome have seen so much, and in turn, people don’t stress about the small stuff. They know more than most how to celebrate each day and embrace the beauty of life (la vita e bella).

A Dome in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

Add This to Your Bucket List

Just because Rome has been officially checked off my list, doesn’t mean my love affair with her is over. The next time I return I’ll see a different side of her. I’d love to pursue the sophistication and mystique found in the James Bond Tour offered by Unique Tours Factory, led by an expert professional guide who is local to the region.

luxury vacation in Rome

So many legendary films have been shot in the Eternal City, more than I can name. Most recently, though, fans can see Rome star in the James Bond movie Spectre. With Unique Tours Factory, a trip to Rome becomes truly iconic as you tour the ancient city by Ferrari, Lamborghini, or another super car of your choice. Race by the city’s most picturesque destinations including the Colosseum, the Castle of the Holy Angel, and St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. After lunch enjoy an interactive tour of Italy’s version of Hollywood studios known Cinecittà, one of the world’s largest film studios. Finally, you will end the day dining in style at Antica Pesa, a famous Italian restaurant frequented by the likes of Daniel Craig and Monica Belluci.

What more could you dream of when it comes to living a real life adventure of your own, full of luxurious sophistication?

Whether your destination is Rome or another exotic locale, Unique Tours Factory can deliver an experience unlike any other.

What’s on your bucket list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below?

Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

Amy West in St. Peter's Basilica
Watch this video to learn more about the James Bond tour in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

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