New Kicks- Fashionably Fit Friday
Jacksonville Running Company

I had a problem. Not only were my training shoes in need a serious fashion infusion, I was also having knee issues caused by an unknown antagonist. After asking around, the majority answer? Go to Jacksonville Running Company and get fitted for new shoes. Following the advice of all my super cool, fit, and fashionable peers whose shoes I routinely envied, I made my way to their location in Tapestry Park, Jacksonville, FL.

Conveniently in my work out gear I arrived at Jacksonville Running Company 
Owner Owen Shott met with me personally to describe the philosophy of JRC, and walk me through the process of getting fitted for my new kicks. He told me the story of JRC’s growth over the last five years expanding from one location to two. Built on a commitment to investing in the community around them, and going above and beyond being a basic retail spot. JRC has transformed into a health and fitness lifestyle brand and their staff thrives on a two part philosophy: 
  1. Have Fun
  2. Genuinely Care and Help People
Based on my experience, they are doing just that. Sneakers used to come in one style and two colors, black or white. Lately I’ve been pleased to see designers stepping out of the box and turning running and training shoes into fashionable eye candy. Remember my blog about looking Bad A** in the gym? Well footwear should be no exception. Thanks to the experts at Jacksonville Running Company, now you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.
Fancy Footwear in a Rainbow of Choices

Owen explained that my knee issues could be my current shoes, or it could be an issue with my physical frame. Each staff member at JRC is a fit specialist, fully certified to help you determine if your issues lie in the “tires” or the “chassis” so to speak. I went through their thorough process to discover where-in my ailment lied. 
Step 1- Foot Scan

Step into the Time Machine…

The foot scanner aka time machine is designed to reveal where you put pressure down on your feet. For me I had a healthy amount on my heals, but it did reveal that one of my arches was collapsing down, possibly stretching my foot out longer (maybe created by carrying a 30lb kid on my hip the last three years).

Step 2- Measure
You remember this fancy thing?

It wouldn’t be scientific if they didn’t get your stats now would it? Owen let me know that typically in a running shoe, you actually want to purchase your shoe a half size larger than your normal size. This allows you ample room to stretch and extend while moving. I have big feet, so I was super excited to get an even bigger shoe… ahh ego.

Step 3- Video Your Run

Because we all dream of looking this hot while running.
During this part they set you up on a treadmill and record you running at a comfortable pace. I was relieved I came from the gym in my sweaty gym clothes, otherwise I’m sure I would have been in something way too ridiculous to run in, like a mini skirt. As it was, Owen is pretty cute so I put on my best “I’m a hot runner” form and took off. My first question when I got off ( not at all sweaty or out of breath) was if I had a “funny run”. Owen is polite so he had a really nice answer about hippos chasing zebras or something like that, but what I found out was that ultimately yes, I have a funny run. Owen and his staff are super ninja warriors. They all do crazy fit things like Iron Man competitions so he gave me some great advice to turn my funny run into a sexy run. Score!

Ready? Get Set? GO!

He also showed me some slow motion footage of my funny run, and sure enough there was the problem. It turns out my form could get a lot better with some stretching techniques designed to loosen and lengthen my muscles and ultimately correct the issues with my gait. This to me was a great testament to their skill. It told me that at JRC they aren’t all about putting you in a shoe, they take a holistic approach to making your life better.

Step 4 – Try and See

Ready to Make People Drool with my new Sexy Shoes and Sexy Run

At the finale’ I got to model all the selections he pulled out that fit me based on the first three steps. I had fun bouncing around the store in all the fancy footwear. I was surprised by the statement the bold colors of the design made, the lightness of the materials, and how hard it was to make a final choice. Owen was patient with my indecision, but I finally settled on my choice.

Go get fitted at Jacksonville Running Company!

Props to Owen for taking time out of his CEO day and really caring about my fitness strengths and weaknesses. In my line of work it’s usually clear when someone sees what they do as a “job” or as a “passion”, I recognized immediately that for Owen and his staff, what they do is a passion. My new kicks feel great and have been making a statement everywhere I go, getting lots of attention and assuring that I not only feel good, but look great too!

Go get fitted at Jacksonville Running Company and tell them Amy West sent you!

Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West