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Travel Undergarment Organizer by Origami Unicorn

Savvy travelers agree that if you are going to live in and out of a bag, the best way to do it is as organized as possible. Since organization is always top of mind when I put my bag together, it comes as no surprise why I’d be completely in love with my latest trendy find, Origami Unicorn’s TUO (Travel Undergarment Organizer). 


Clever Design
I like to keep it as simple as possible when I travel, which means I usually carry on. There is nothing so mortifying though, than your undergarments being displayed for the world to see if you happen to be chosen for a random search. This is chief amongst the reasons I think the TUO is a must have! This fashionable bag (which is available in a variety of colors and designs) not only organizes your intimates, it also hides them away from the prying eyes of the public. Designed out of easy to clean fabric, it’s not only cute, it’s also functional. In addition, I love the clever snaps at the handles that allow you to hang the bag in your closet for easy access to every thing you need. Origami Unicorn even includes a bag for dirty or wet items. It’s clear they thought of everything. 
Travel gear by Origami Unicorn

the TUO unfolded

wet bag for TUO

snaps on the TUO

Not Just for Underwear

With breathable mesh fabric, and ideally sized pockets, you aren’t limited to strictly intimates. I took advantage of the bottom pocket for my larger statement jewelry that usually ends up in my toiletry bag. Other great items you could easily store might be:
  • electronic cords
  • sunglasses
  • hair brushes or accessories
  • medicine
  • scarves
  • ballet flats
  • makeup brushes
  • first aid items
And anything else your imagination can conjure up. 
the TUO unfolded and packed

The TUO unfolded

The TUO packed and folded up

The Perfect Fit 
After folding up my freshly packed TUO, I was pleased to find it fit perfectly in my carry on bag which was a must for me. Large enough to fit what you need, but not so large that it becomes an obstruction to packing the rest of your belongings. The best part was there is no unpacking, simply pull it out of your bag and hang it up in your hotel closet or place it right in your drawer. Easy, organized, and perfect for every kind of traveler. 
The TUO packed and fit into a carry on bag

The TUO packed and hung in a closet
Traveling can be hectic, but packing doesn’t need to be. I love discovering solution oriented travel gear that makes life easier! Origami Unicorn’s TUO retails for $49.50, a fair price for a quality travel aid that will make your life more organized, and look good while doing it. 
Share your latest finds in the comments below! I love learning your favorite travel tips and hacks.
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
Amy West with the TUO

*This post was sponsored by Origami Unicorn, however all the words and opinions are mine.

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