Amy West Drinking Wine at Town Hall Jax

5 Ways to Savor the Holidays in Jacksonville with Coravin

I’m passionate about the craft of wine making from the vine to that very first taste of the bottle. This season I’m celebrating the relationship of that special glass of wine with the exceptional holiday moments I treasure. I’ve partnered with Coravin this holiday season to curate five Jacksonville “Coravin Moments”. Read on to discover what matters most to me this season.  … Read More

10 Most Memorable Beaches Abroad

From New Zealand to the Caribbean, I've had the pleasure of visiting some of the most stunning, and private beaches on earth. Here's my round up of some of the memorable beaches I've experienced thus far and what makes them special. … Read More

Woman drinking a 5 Hour Energy by the river in Jacksonville

My Perfect Day in Jacksonville with 5-hour ENERGY® shots

Jacksonville is full of local flavor, and coastal charm. As a resident for more than 20 years, I’m more in love with Jax than ever before. Want to know all my favorite local gems? I’m teaming up with 5-hour ENERGY® to experience and share with you "My Perfect Day in Jacksonville". From the St Johns River to the Atlantic Ocean, I’m showcasing the Art, Culture, and Activities you must experience in Jax in 24 Hours. Hang tight, it’s going to be a big day, and all the way I’ll be staying powered up … Read More