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Food is not so different from fashion. Trends come and go based on a lengthy measure of circumstances. What’s in season? What crop did well this year? What celebrity chef debuted their newest dish using that random ingredient? And what are the latest health trends? It’s unclear at times just what makes an item leap of the menu and into patrons mouths (besides their tastiness), but what is clear, is that it is ever changing. Of course there are classics that will never go out of style like the iconic Filet, Salmon, and Pasta dishes, but some specialties will see their rise and fall within the spectrum of a year… give or take. Here are some dishes that have received a lot of fanfare recently that me thinks…. may not last much longer in the popularity contest that is dinner. So get em while they last friends before the next big thing goes viral across the dining rooms of the country.

5 Popular Foodie Trends that 
May be on their Way out

1. Mac N Cheese
It seems like everywhere you turn these days a new restaurant has a creative take on Mac N Cheese. This comfort food gone gourmet can be dressed up in a number of ways via bacon, lobster, breadcrumbs, and maybe even truffle oil. It’s been a great revival, but I predict it will soon make way for a new comfort food of choice reinvented by our favorite talented chefs. Green Bean casserole anyone?
Photo by CherryLet
2. Macarons
A fashion bloggers best friend, these colorful creations are all the rage across ‘Merica and beyond. Who knows maybe we will start to see make it yourself Macaron shops pop up like the ever popular Fro Yo destination… I predict the macaron doing well for a bit, and then relaxing back into it’s iconic specialty department for the true believer. Yummy? I really think so. Trendy? You betcha… which is why I question it’s ability to stick around as long as classics like the croissant, and creme brûlée. 
3. Kale Anything
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the kale trend. I love me some kale chips, green smoothies, and kale salads. Kale has been a huge health fad, joining ranks with super food favorites like acai, Noni Juice, and chia seeds. I feel the love, but I think there will be a new “Next Big Thing” coming out of the Amazon or some such region of mystery. For now we will “Love the Kale we are With”. 

4. Fro Yo
Remember two years ago when you couldn’t look left or right down any given street without a new Fro Yo place popping up? You might have already guessed that this trend is fading, with just a few strong brick and mortars hanging around. I love Fro Yo and hope they last a while longer. When I was in NYC I witnessed a tasty new take on yogurt in the form of yogurt bars (build your own non frozen yogurt bowl). I perceive this might be the new wave in yogurt, but only time will tell. 
5. Beets
It seems Beets are receiving a nice new push to the forefront in veggies specialties. I’ve seen lots of beet salads, roasted beet sides, and even beet fries. Personally I think beets are an acquired taste and can be a rather strong flavor to match well with entrees. I see this being a short 15 seconds of fame and being replaced by something a little more versatile. 

Photo by Martin Delisle
I’d love to hear any predictions of dishes you think are on the rise and fall. Leave a comment below and tell weigh in on the discussion.
Until then… 
Enjoy the Journey!
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