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Amy at Pure Barre Jacksonvilld Beach
Long, lean, graceful figures stretch and lengthen their elegant limbs, flowing through delicate movements to the soft rhythmic melodies of dance. 
This is what I expected from the trendy Pure Barre methodology. What I experienced, was a much more fierce work out than I could have imagined. Let me explain what surprised me most about Pure Barre Jacksonville Beach, FL.

3 Reasons Pure Barre Jax Beach 
Will Surprise You

1.Not Your Average Ballet Class

My wingman Sophia and I concurred 1/3 of the way through the class. This is not your average Ballet Class. Leave your expectations at the door folks, you are in for a challenge. I was struck by how fit the instructors were. You of course expect a trainer to be fit, these ladies were lean, gracefully, and extremely toned. The fitting image of what most ladies consider ideal. I was eager to follow their routine if I could accomplish a figure like theirs. As a self professed gym rat, I’m pleased with my current level of fitness. As part of this Fitness Trends series I’ve tried a lot of routines and have pretty much held my own through out I’m proud to say. Pure Barre however, is in a class of it’s own as it is completely different from lifting weights, doing yoga, or kicking up the cardio. 
Owner Lacey Wallace (a retired dancer) was originally attracted to the Pure Barre method due to the use of the Ballet Barre, however as she puts it she “quickly learned it was far from a normal Ballet class”. What she experienced and quickly became addicted to was the almost immediate results seen from the practice. In as little as three to five classes, clients report seeing improvement in their core strength, toning in thighs, and lifted seats. 

2. Tiny Movements Might Just Make You Cry

Pure Barre is about form, and isolated muscle training. Instead of large sweeping movements, you focus on small movements that work individual muscles to exhaustion. A full body work out, the class flows smoothly (and surprisingly quickly) through upper body, lower body, and abs. Small weights and stretching bands assist in providing resistance as well as a nice deep stretch after each muscle group is worked out. Upbeat, trendy music pumps through the speakers motivating you to dig deeper and work harder. The concentration and effort it takes to focus on each muscle group and maintain your form, also becomes a sort of meditation allowing you to let go of the stressors of the outside world, and focus on yourself for the hour. An hour that to me proved incredibly worthwhile. 
3. Sore for Days… In the Best Way Possible

You know you have had a terrific work out when your muscles remind you for days. Every time you use the stairs, or sit on your couch you’ll be reminded of muscles you might have forgotten about years ago. I walked in feeling like a pretty fit individual, but Pure Barre put me in my place right away as I “tucked” and “squeezed” each muscle into submission. I’m not too ashamed to say, my threshold of exhaustion was much smaller than I would have liked. In this way, I was impressed that what I thought would be a simple ballet inspired work out, made me cry out for mercy. Don’t think this is only for the super fit however, anyone can see success and results with Pure Barre. It’s all about consistency and training. “If you can hold onto a barre, you can do this class“, claims founder Carrie Razebeck Dorr. 
Form, isolated muscle movements,
and resistance combine for a powerful
full body work out. 

I love how Pure Barre, Jacksonville Beach also offers packages for mile stones in life such as “Bride to Be”, “Mommy to Be”, and “Baby Bounce Back”. This low impact work out is easy on your joints as it avoids jumping and bouncing, making it accessible for almost anyone. Drop in classes are available or larger packages for those looking to take the ideal three or more classes a week.

Grip socks are recommended to prevent you from slipping during class.  

Pure Barre Jacksonville Beach is generously offering a new client special just for my readers! Get one month of unlimited classes for just $75. The perfect time to try Pure Barre is now, just use the code LikeLoveWantNeed (case sensitive). 

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West


Special thanks to Sophia Gholz with Jeff + Sophia Photography for being my wingman and taking these fantastic photos. 

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