Rethreaded Mukti Event| Photos | Freedom from the Sex Trade
Last weekend I was invited to attended a very special fundraiser. Rethreaded is an incredible organization making great progress in setting women free from the sex trade. By fighting business with business they love the vulnerable held captive by this industry and give them hope for a new life. Rethreaded is a Jacksonville based company helping women locally, and also internationally by partnering with other organizations with the same heart. They sell amazing products beautifully crafted by women with beautiful hearts and souls.
Headed off to the event giving the PJ clad munchkin some love.
Gorgeous statement piece necklace created by talented artisans.

Lovely ambiance

I had heard about Rethreaded from friends and through One Spark last year (which they won), but this was the first time I really had a chance to get to know them better. I sat next to a friend of mine who is also on the board and really appreciated the personal stories she was able to share.

Rethreaded is about love, freedom, and grace.

The event was an elegant affair, on an absolutely perfect night. There was plenty of time to enjoy their cocktail hour and live music while you shopped some of their beautiful items made locally and by their partners. What a great opportunity to enjoy time with friends, and collect a few gifts, knowing you are really making a difference in someones life.

Angylyn is one of Rethreaded’s full time employees who made it out of the sex trade.
Personal stories where shared through video during the event and on the tables.
The tables were colorfully set with a “Grace Scarf” as the centerpiece. 

I was really touched by the amount of love that goes into everything Rethreaded does. So many hands and hearts are woven together to achieve what makes this organization so special. We were truly honored to take part in their event and have the opportunity to understand what makes them tick.

Man candy aka my husband David

Check out Rethreaded’s website to learn more about what they do and how they create community. If you are looking for incredible gifts you can be really proud of, purchase something from their amazing online store, or at their warehouse in Jacksonville.

Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

Fun in the “photobooth”