Rolling out our Weekly Line Up – Tuesday Tips

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Today we’ll reveal our very first Tuesday Tips. This one is for all you travelers seeking the best methods for packing.

Three of our Favorite Packing Tips

1. Rolling Vs Folding- Not only does rolling save space, it also reduces wrinkling. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. In all my years of traveling, 80% of the time I fit more by rolling. Shoes however, are another story….
2. Shoes- Wear your heaviest pair on the plane. Pack the lightest and most flexible and place them on the edges of the bag. This also helps protect any fragile items from impact by creating extra protection. not to mention keeping any dirt from the soles away from your clothes. Try to keep your shoes to 3 pair, including the pair you are wearing. A great set of neutral walking flats will be your best friend. Like these amazing Tieks. 
3. Contact Case = Amazing Container of Wonder – I have heard of this idea before but have yet to apply it myself. I gleaned it from Pinterest and it is my new favorite to be sure. Grab a contact case to use as storage for cosmetics. Foundation, chapstick, lotion, you name it, they all fit perfectly in a contact case and meet the required limits for making it through security. You are officially welcome. This life changing tip, brought to you by Pinterest and the A-list. 
Bonus Tip*** 
Since its our first “Tuesday Tips” blog I decided to throw one extra at ya. 
How great is this shower cap to hold dusty shoes or dirty laundry? Simple, yet so useful!
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Enjoy the Journey!
xo Amy West