Security Tips for Traveling and Packing Tips on The Chat
Photo of mac book pro with stickerDuring a recent trip to the Caribbean my husband (who is also an information security specialist) ran into the panic inducing situation of having his laptop switched during our security check in TSA. He didn’t find out until we made it home. It was this situation that led him to write a blog about travel security on his website Elevation Expeditions. I brought those great tips to The Chat last week and shared with the ladies how to avoid disaster. Watch and find out how many you may already apply, and how many you need to start integrating into your travel habits. 

Read David’s full blog here. 

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Security Tips on The Chat

No matter how frequent you travel, we are all guilty of a few of these. Don’t let your guard down! 

Tips for Packing Light

I had two segments for my last visit to The Chat. The ladies wanted to learn more about easy packing tips. Watch me discuss quick and easy travel tips here

If you were eyeballing that statement necklace by Stephanie Kantis, keep your eyes peeled for more. I’ll be posting some outfit inspirations this week featuring more of her artisan pieces. Take a look at the craftsmanship here. (for those viewing in email you will need to open in your browser to see)

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