Shop Like a Designer Part 2 – Tuesday Tips

Over the last ten years I’ve spent acting and modeling, I’ve made some great friends, including some very talented fashion designers. You may have heard of rising stars Erin Healy, Lisa Kaminski, Lauren Rossi, Argie Mitra, and
Jennifer Chabri in the North Florida fashion circles. Though they all have continued to spread their influence through out the nation from Miami, to NYC; I’m the
lucky girl who managed to transform her closet, thanks to their fashionable advice. Here is everything I learned about creating a fashionable wardrobe from my designer friends….

Note: This is a second installment of a story I began on Jax Mom’s Blog. Find the first five tips here.

Erin Healy and Amy West

Lauren Rossi and Amy West

6. Learn to sew… or find a friend who can.

      According to Lauren Rossi, this is
right up there with boiling water. You need to learn how to re-attach buttons,
or tack a hem. This will save you money, and keep your favorite purchases
around longer.
Sewing 101 could save your favorite garments.

7.  Edit your closet.
Once a season go through your closet and
decide three things. 1. What to keep. 2.What to giveaway. 3. What to repair.
Reorganize according to color or season. This will give your closet new life
and help you imagine new styles you can try. Invest in a great steamer and give
your clothes a healthy steaming. This will freshen up your entire wardrobe and
make sure they are ready to wear.
Edit your closet seasonally and take inventory of what you have.

8.   Dress age appropriate.
I’m not telling you to go buy a pair of mom
jeans. When I say “age appropriate” I mean get rid of all the clothes you
bought at Rue 21 when you were 16 and you are holding onto because you still
fit in them. If you are a working professional, have a wardrobe that looks
professional. If you are a mom, don’t dress in yoga pants every day all day.
Find pieces that show your style, fit your body, and look fashionable for you
at this stage in your life.
Amy at 15, second to the left on the top row. 
Amy present day, with daughter Sienna.
9.  Re-invent a look with accessories.  
Argie Mitra says try taking jewelry, hats, scarves, shoes,
and mixing and matching items you never thought would work together. Textures,
prints, and fabrics can develop new life when you think outside the box.
Mixing and matching can add new life to old pieces.
Amy turned this shirt backwards for a new take and flipped her pearls as well.
10.    Rock your own style.
Whatever your style is, own it and wear it
with confidence. Style is not just about dressing up to look good. It’s about
respecting others around you enough to be your best when you are around them.
Don’t worry, I spend plenty of days in my yoga pants typing away and going to
the gym. Just don’t let that become your style identity. Whatever age you are,
explore the world around you and show them who you are by expressing yourself
though the medium of fashion.
Amy’s sisters go back to school with their new fashionable pieces.

Amy rocking her classic chic look with her country flair.
Enjoy the Journey
xo- Amy West