Summer Skincare Selections | Featuring Image Skincare
Amy West's Summer Skincare Selections featuring Image SkincareWhen I think of summer skin I think of that bronzy glow we all crave. That fresh from some adventure rosiness glistening against the blue summer sky while the sea breeze ruffles delightfully tussled hair. While these images are certainly picturesque and admittedly fantastical, that doesn’t mean healthy, glowing skin can’t be a reality. For over six years now I’ve been a huge fan of Image Skincare products, and while I appreciate the compliments on my recent maternal glow, I have to give credit where credit is due. Great skincare starts with a solid foundation. Not sure where to begin? Here are my Summer Skincare Selections. 

Amy West's Summer Skincare Selections featuring Image Skincare
Try the Ormedic Line for Organic Ingredients full of Botanicals and Antioxidants
Hydration Nation
Safe enough to use on an infant, the Ormedic line is made from the purest organic ingredients. Like all Image Skincare products it’s free of harsh chemicals and preservatives. I love that the Ormedic line harnesses the best botanicals and enriches your body’s largest organ with antioxidants creating healthy balanced skin. For mamas to be like myself, the Ormedic line is an easy choice as you don’t have to question any of the ingredients that baby might be exposed to. 
Amy West's Summer Skincare Selections featuring Image Skincare
The Max utilizes Stem Cells for superior Anti-Aging 

The Max line is by far my favorite of Image Skincare’s long list of popular offerings. Since I’m frequently making on air appearances I spend time weekly adding more makeup to my face than typical. The Max cleanser makes my skin feel renewed after a day of full makeup. If you pay attention to new advances in skincare you might have heard the term stem cells. Using the stem cells from fruit like apples, Image has tapped into a whole new world of anti aging, and The Max line is chock full of those revitalizing stem cells. The ingredients in The Max line not only repair damage, but protect against future damage nurturing your skin on a cellular level. I could pretty much swim in a vat of the stem cell creme. It’s just that amazing. 

Amy West's Summer Skincare Selections featuring Image Skincare
Protection from the Sun that is Long Lasting and feels great to the touch

Sun Salutation
I don’t know about you but I really hate greasy sunscreens. Living in Florida, we go through barrels of sunscreen on a yearly basis and I have become extremely picky. The only summers I’ve managed to go completely sunburn free have been the ones I’ve dedicated myself to only using Image’s Prevention + line. The lotions are extremely sheer and feel great to the touch, not greasy or chalky. There are no weird smells, and they last a long time. I love the spray for easy application, and the tinted moisturizer is the perfect base for a light makeup look, or a “makeup free” day. 

Amy West's Summer Skincare Selections featuring Image Skincare
Schedule an O2 Lift Facial for the ultimate nourishment for your skin

My ultimate not so secret weapon is the O2 lift facial (or Oxygen facial). Not something you can get at home, you’ll need to find a spa near you who offers the Image products and features the Oxygen facial. Imagine your skin completely reenergized and nourished with cell rebuilding oxygen. First comes the gel to milk cleanser, then the enzymatic facial peel, followed by the oxygen mask, and finally the hydrating serum. The service is complete with a protective layer of tinted moisturizer that also carries an spf to protect your fresh skin from dangerous UV rays. I love how gentle this facial is. Completely pampering, and free of any kind of skin trauma. Nourish, pamper, and protect the skin you’re in. You will feel brand new after this treatment. Definitely a summer must have. 

Beauty Basics

Amy West's Summer Skincare Selections featuring Image Skincare
Protect and conceal with beauty products from Image Skincare
Once your foundation is solid, top it off with some of my favorite Image beauty selections. I’m absolutely married to my I Conceal foundation which has the ideal coverage and is perfect for every day and on air appearances. Featuring an SPF 30, you can feel safe knowing your skin is protected, nourished by botanical and oxygen rich ingredients, and flawless. On lighter coverage days I opt for the tinted moisturizer. For fuller, longer, and healthier lashes I love Ageless Lashes which promotes follicle growth. Finally, if you are wanting softer, smoother skin, collect the Body Spa line which includes a firming, bronzing, and rejuvenating body lotions. 

So get your glow on this summer and stay hydrated, refreshed, and protected from the sun.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

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