Sunset in Kentucky | Must Have Maxi
Sunset in Kentucky

From the moment I saw this maxi dress at Anthropologie I was smitten. I loved the color play, fabric, and fullness of the skirt. The charming front tie detail gives it interest but also shape. Dress it up and wear it out for date night, or dress down for a walk at sunset. During our recent visit to my family’s farm in Kentucky, I did just that…

Plenty by Tracy Reese Maxi Dress found at Anthropolgie

Amy West wearing multi colored striped maxi dress

A Feast for the Eyes

One of the reasons I love returning home to Kentucky is the sheer beauty of the land. My dad is a cattle farmer and you don’t have to look far to find cows grazing. Hay bales stand at attention awaiting the winter when they will provide a feast for the herd and their young. As a child, those hay bales were my play ground. My sisters weren’t born until I was a teenager bordering on adulthood. As a result I spent a lot of time exploring the land on my own. Alone with my thoughts my imagination ran wild. The perfect haven for a young mind to roam. 
Amy West Running on Hay Bales
Amy West wearing Plenty by Tracy Reese Maxi dress

Things Remembered

This trip was a sentimental one. It has been years since I spent a summer in Kentucky. I was well into my own life at the age of 17 having graduated high school when I was 16. I entered the work force full time, then moved to Texas for a year. Before too long I married my husband at 21. It happened so fast, I’m not really sure I had time to make the transition or say good bye to my childhood. All too ready to grow up, I moved on. But in some places, time seems to stand still. A new generation is graduating now. My sisters are almost grown. There are things they don’t remember. The way things were. Some things I’m happy to see left in the past. Some things are missed. A gathering of families, randomly stopping by to visit a friend unannounced, the view of the skyline without cell towers cluttering the horizon, or what it was like to live in an old farm home without central heat and air. 
Amy West in Maxi Dress outside of old barn

Amy West looks out over the hills of her family farm in Kentucky where cattle graze

Faithfully Yours

Can a geographic location be in your DNA? It certainly feels like it to me. No place captures me quite like this one. The hills, the sky, the valleys. The taste of a Kentucky tomato fresh out of the garden. It’s a world built on blood, sweat, and tears. A few of my own have fallen on this soil. Perhaps in this my soul has claimed this bit of earth. For wherever I roam, I will always look to Kentucky as my home. 
Amy West walks through the hills of Kentucky in a colorful maxi dress

Amy West looking out over the valley farms below in her Maxi dress

Amy West watches the sun set in this striped maxi dress on a farm in Kentucky

Amy West living in the moment
It was a beautiful visit, and I have more to come from the trip. Returning home is possible, although it’s not always easy. I loved seeing my daughters experience many of the things I had as a girl. More on that in the next few weeks. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

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