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I still remember celebrating my 21st birthday in Miami’s South Beach. I had escaped on a girls trip to see what the modeling scene was all about. More than a decade later my career has evolved from model to travel and lifestyle influencer. Likewise, South Beach has undergone it’s own evolution. Never has there been a better time to immerse yourself in the glamour and energy this destination is teeming with. Food, fashion, art, and international culture are just a few of the reasons visitors are flocking to experience their own Miami moment from Wynwood to South Beach. With all this in mind, I was happy to accept an invitation to experience  The Gates Hotel South Beach  and reacquaint myself with all of SoBe’s charms. 

The Gates Hotel South Beach
Magic City Lives Again
One of my favorite (now canceled) television shows is Magic City. This mid century drama set in Miami Beach is full of 1950s glamour. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with the iconic fashion, and architecture from this era. Time may have marched on, but in today’s modern South Beach, you can still experience a piece of Magic City’s history. Not only has The Gates Hotel done a tasteful job creating a sense of place by blending the retro with the modern, they actually have the storyline to go with it. The Gates is a living embodiment of Miami’s rich history as it was built onto the historic property of the original Motel Ankara established in the 1950s. Old and new combine to create a harmonious balance that celebrates the past, and present at once. If you look closely, you will also spy the original Motel Ankara sign still in existence on the hotels facade. It’s a timeless historical landmark and a treasure of South Beach. 
Room at The Gates Hotel South Beach

Adding to the style and essence of the destination is the hotel’s neighboring restaurant The Continental. A mid century styled dining destination serving up modern globally inspired dishes. We had the pleasure of dining several times at The Continental and each experience felt a little like we were transported back in time.
The Continental Restaurant

Stay in SoBe for a Steal
When planning a visit to South Beach, many fall into the trap of shoveling tons of money into an ocean side resort. However, The Gates Hotel South Beach offers incredible value to guests by providing all the amenities you expect of a luxury destination, at a fraction of the cost those other guys charge. Guests can enjoy a quick complimentary shuttle to the beach, lounge in a daybed poolside, sneak away to the private hot tub, cruise down Collins Ave on the hotel’s own bicycles, or enjoy a hand crafted cocktail at the bar. All this and more at the center of South Beach’s food, fashion, and entertainment scene. 

The pool at The Gates Hotel South Beach

Amy West enjoying the hot tub at The Gates Hotel South Beach

The Scene

South Beach is a place to see and be seen. A place to get caught up in the nightlife and luxurious living. A place to soak up the sun, and brush shoulders with celebrities. As such, each hotel becomes it’s own sub scene. Walking into The Gates Hotel you immediately feel like you have arrived in South Beach. The energy is palpable, and the lifestyle draws you in. All at once you have both the ability to relax and enjoy the serenity of your room or pool deck, or have a drink and get ready to play. Whatever your vacation style is, you’ll find a fit at The Gates Hotel.

South Beach Miami
Amy West at The Gates Hotel South Beach
The lobby at The Gates Hotel South Beach

The Gates Hotel was truly a joy to explore and discover for myself. It had everything I could want or need right at my fingertips in the heart of Magic City. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family beach vacation, or just visiting for a quick business trip, The Gates Hotel South Beach is a destination you can’t miss.
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!


Although I stayed as a guest of The Gates Hotel South Beach, all words and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

Amy West at The Gates Hotel South Beach

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