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Jekyll Island was a beloved childhood haunt of mine.  As an adult I’ve long desired to reacquaint myself with the island and discover more of the history it is so proud of. As I was researching destinations for my Girls Getaway series, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel came to mind as an ideal place to get away with my best girls and unwind in the romantic south. The Girlfriend’s Getaway package boasted in room massage, wine delivered nightly, picnics, and bike rides just to get started. My friends and I couldn’t wait to arrive for our weekend of relaxation. When we left, we all felt we’d just experienced the most perfect girls weekend ever

Here’s why…

3 Reasons the Jekyll Island Club Hotel
Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Tea Time at the Historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel
1. Relive History

Jekyll Island is a barrier island located on the Southern Atlantic coast of Georgia and is famously known as the home of the most exclusive private club of it’s time, the Jekyll Island Club. Built in the late 1800’s it was the epitome of Victorian taste. Hailed in the turn of the century as the “richest, most exclusive, and most inaccessible club in the world”, you can simply imagine the decadence that took place on these grounds. It was the bees knees! Names like J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Joseph Pulitzer, and William K Vanderbilt walked the halls of this iconic destination making history during their stay from politics, to finance. Surrounding the Club, winter homes of the super rich were built. They called them “cottages” but in reality they were the mini mansions of the worlds movers and shakers. Want to feel like a million bucks? Today you can walk amongst these cottages, dine inside at least one, and tour several that have been set with Victorian furnishings effectively immersing you in the experience. 

As we checked into our room at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel I could sense the great effort that has gone into restoring and retaining the historic atmosphere. From the Clubs signature turret, to the windows, and stairwells, the architecture spoke to me of time gone by and made me feel a little like I was staying in a full size Victorian dollhouse. I was reminded how quickly things change, but that those memories can be lovingly preserved and celebrated for years to come.

The Girlfriends Getaway includes a bottle of wine each night. 
2. Southern Hospitality Worth Bragging About
Sophia, Amy, Lauren, Aimee
Having grown up in the south, I have a good handle on what true Southern Hospitality is all about, and the bar is set high. When I think of of a southern welcome I anticipate warmth, good natured humor, grace, elegance, empathy, and an intuitive insight as to what people need. In short, I expect to be well taken care of by people who love what they do. I was not disappointed with the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Experts at entertaining, the Club was a well oiled machine. Seamlessly meeting our needs as every hour ticked by, the girls and I found ourselves in bliss. The hotel’s concierge Sherri bent over backwards to see our every desire come to fruition. When the rain drowned out a perfectly good poolside afternoon I could see her fretting over her visitors experience. She even arranged for our cancelled bike picnic to be relocated to a covered beach side area including all the trappings to make it complete (wine by the beach? Oh Yes!). 
In Room Massage. A perfect start.
With a plethora of amenities, there was no lack of things for a girl to do. In room massages and a traditional southern breakfast buffet started our day off right, and afternoon tea gave us just the sweet treat we were craving (not to mention another excuse to don our swanky duds). Spanish moss set the scene for an afternoon walk about between summer rain showers (and maybe a little bit of girl talk), and the peaceful setting was just the thing for a guilt free afternoon nap as we returned to our rooms.  

Picnic by the beach
3. All Natural
Nature beckons

The Jekyll Island Club is a National Historic landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Keeping the environment authentic is a priority as the island is also a state park. 65% of it will by law remain undeveloped.

Get in touch with Mother Earth’s best side by riding the miles of bike paths, or horse back riding through her forests and beach. Just a few steps away sits the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, complete with rehabilitation center/hospital. Go bird watching, visit the beach, or relax in rocking chair on the wrap around deck. Nature abounds and so does your opportunity to completely disengage from the stressors in your life and simply let go in the shade of the ancient southern oaks, while maybe finding yourself again in the company of those who know you best

Strolling through the romantic south.

There is so much to do at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Even with the rain, we quickly ran out of time to enjoy all that she offered. With packages like “Murder Mystery Weekend”, “Cooking School”, “Comedy Weekend”, “Photography Weekend”, and “Ghost Hunt Weekend” they can pretty much match any interest you might have. As for us, we simply cannot wait to experience her treasures all over again, and count on making more history of our own.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

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