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I’m delighted to introduce the A-list’s newest guest contributor, Tiffany Hager. I met Tiffany brushing shoulders in the fashion scene of North Florida. She became quite the influencer as she co-founded Jacksonville Fashion Week which recently completed it’s third year. Now living on the west coast Tiffany has been keeping me up to speed with life on the bay in misty San Francisco. Tiffany and I have always bonded on our mutual passions of faith, books, food, and travel. I asked her to give me some of her favorite travel tips and she has not left us wanting. Enjoy!

Tiffany Hager, Diana Manzano, and Amy West at Jacksonville FashionWeek
Travel is my passion and if you’re a friend of Like Love Want Need and the A-list,
my guess is it’s one of yours too. 
These days tech, and travel go together like wine and
cheese, and my motto is, if something can make your life easier, take advantage
of it! With that in mind here are my….
“Top 5 Vacation and Trip Planning Apps”
Around Me: I use this app a lot for road
trips and sometimes when I’m just around town or visiting someplace.  The GPS pinpoints your location and
then it will give you a selection of categories you can choose from to see
what’s nearby; great for figuring out how far to the nearest gas stations or
picking a place to stop for food.  Additionally,
you can type in a location if you know you’re coming up on a certain city or
town, and see what’s there.  You
can also search for a specific subject/place too (i.e. pizza, or frozen yogurt)
and see what’s around you.  (Free)
TripIt: Instead searching thru your
emails for your booking confirmations for things like flights and lodging,
organize them all in one place.  Simply
forward all your confirmation emails to and the app will
automatically sort through and organize all your travel plans, presenting them
all in a single itinerary so you can keep track of things. This app is
especially great if you have multiple destinations planned within one trip,
because then you can access all bookings and information related to each
destination in one spot.  You can
also email your itineraries to family and friends.  (Free)
Scout: The all-in-one app as I like to call
it.  I love to use this app to
discover places to see as well as local happenings in whatever destination I may be
traveling in.   What’s also
great about this app is you can use it for your hometown too, not just
traveling.  My favorite features
for local use are the tips on where to find the cheapest gas stations and the
GPS street-level technology in real-time that determines the best available
routes to help you avoid traffic jams. (Free)
Packing Pro: Packing can be
stressful when you’ve got a million things to do before you leave on your trip.  This app keeps you organized by letting
you create a custom list of things to remember to pack, everything from your
toiletries to your passport and foreign currency.  One of the features I love about this app is that you can
save the lists so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.  I have one list called ‘essentials’
that is stuff I will always have to pack no matter where I might be going (i.e.
contacts, glasses, toothbrush, iPhone charger, etc).  You can also filter a list by person or bag (or both). That
means you can create a list for your separate carry-on or if you’re packing for
other family members.  ($2.99)
Eater: Now
I’m a bit of a foodie and so when I travel, I like to check out the local spots
and avoid the tourist traps.  For
that, I turn to my Eater app. 
Eater gives you ‘essential’ places to eat in the city and also gives you
the 411 on current ‘hotspots’ trending in the city. Those hotspots are
indicated on a Google map with a little flame. Tap the restaurant, and you get
a photo of the restaurant, a short review, a directions button, and an option
to call the restaurant. The mini reviews are particularly useful and easy to
scan quickly, giving tips like “a solid choice for date night” and
“be ready for crowds,” so you know what to expect before you get
there and can plan accordingly. ($0.99)
I hope these travel app tips will help to make your life
easier and your next vaca even more enjoyable.  Travel on!
~Tiffany Hager
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Thank you Tiffany for opening our eyes to some great apps that will make our travels even better! We can’t wait to see what you have to share next time. I’d like to welcome our readers to share their favorite apps in the comment section. I’d love to discover some other favorites!
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West