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This week I joined the beautiful and intelligent ladies of The Chat to discuss some Travel Secrets. We discussed the much debated topic of the best day to book a flight, which sites are best to book with, and where to find the best local finds. These ladies are no strangers to great travel both domestic and abroad so I really enjoyed the honest conversation and open table. Here are the highlights. 

  1. Best day to book flight…
This is a big discussion topic. As soon as you think you know the answer it changes. One article in question says that Sunday may be the best new day to book flights rather than the traditionally held Tuesday. This is not to say what the best day to fly is, just the best day to book. Most travel experts hold that this is not a concrete statement though and it’s best to watch rates fluctuate and compare prices. Some airlines such as Jet Blue are better than others about adjusting their prices by volume aka supply and demand. The more popular flights will have lower rates earlier on when the flight is less full and that rate will go up as the availabilty decreases. Ultimately, airlines are routinely changing their algorithyms so it might be less about what day you are booking and more about what online sites you are booking with.
  1. Best Online Site to Book On
Great sites to search for flights and compare

  1. Rates Can Vary Based on Length of Stay
Your hotel rate may vary greatly based on days booked. Compare rates between 3 and 7 days. Especially for big vacation spots like the Caribbean destination Coconut Bay in St. Lucia whose reservations book in 7 day intervals. You may have a higher rate for staying 2 days vs 3 or 7.

  1. Best Websites to Find Out Where the Locals Go

I write for as the local expert for Jacksonville. The site has city guides for many of the major cities across the US and is a great resource to find the best food, hotels, shopping, and attractions in any given city. You can even make your voice heard with their 10Best Readers Choice Awards.

Another great site is which has city guides soley dedicated for foodies.
  1. Local Non-Profit Luxury Destination

Horse Stamp Inn Bed and Breakfast and Wedding Venue is now also a Non-Profit Ranch.
This luxury Bed and Breakfast is like Pottery Barn come to life with it’s gorgeous luxe accommodations. Incredible Inn Keepers Tom and Kris Hutcheson are now opening up their doors to Wounded Warriors and Missionaries to serve as a place of rest and healing. If you know someone in need of rest who falls into one of these categories, send them to the website to inquire about a stay.

So what are your favorite Travel Secrets? Sound off in the comments and let me in on your tips and tricks. 
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Enjoy the Journey!
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