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Travel and Lifestyle Blogger Amy West reviews  Belli Skincare Using high quality skincare that’s safe for my skin and free of harsh chemicals has always been important to me. I have the unique history of having practically grown up in the spa world. My parents opened a spa when I was 16 and from then through my early 20s I was immersed in a world where wellness and health were non negotiable priorities. Entering motherhood brought on a whole new world of concerns. Is what’s safe for mom necessarily safe for baby? The ultimate answer, is no, not always. Thankfully a skincare line has been developed specifically for expecting moms to meet the demand for quality products for the face and body that bring peace of mind, and great results for our most important organ, our skin. That line is Belli Skincare, and I recently had a chance to try it out for myself. 

Purity You Can Trust
Belli skincare featured on Amy West Travel the Blog
Belli’s motto is “Picky for a Purpose”, and I think that perfectly communicates what they stand for. So many times when we are picky it’s easy to get labeled high maintenance, but in this case what could be a better reason to be picky than our unborn children? During development our little ones are so vulnerable to environmental disturbances. Choosing a skincare line free of artificial dyes and fragrances, allergy tested, and free of paraben preservatives and phthalates could mean a world of difference. It’s not just during pregnancy that matters, though sometimes that’s the reality check that get’s us looking deeper into what we consume and put on our bodies. Anything you put on your skin, can be absorbed in to the blood stream. That’s why it’s also important to consider what you are using when breastfeeding, and let’s face it, during any season of our lives. 
Awaken Your Senses

Travel and Lifestyle Blogger Amy West reviews  Belli Skincare
I’m always searching for great new body products. When I discovered Belli, I decided to try out the Elasticity Oil, the Pure & Pampered Body Wash, and the All Day Moisture Body Lotion. Like many women, I tend to focus more on my face since it’s the first thing everyone sees, and don’t always make the rest of my body the priority. When you’re pregnant, you can’t really ignore everything else. So many changes are happening to your ever expanding mid section. To prevent serious after effects, treating your body right with lots of hydration is key. 

Travel and Lifestyle Blogger Amy West reviews  Belli Skincare
One of the things I noticed first was the pleasant fragrance each individual product had. Nothing too intoxicating that would overpower preggo’s senses, but each line’s main ingredient could be detected through a delicate scent. For the Body Wash, and Elasticity Oil the Lavender and Chamomile gave my daily shower experience a new spa like ambiance. The lemon oil in the All Day Moisture Body Lotion, was invigorating and a great way to start the day. It’s wonderful being able to pamper your skin and refresh your senses with the knowledge that you are not only nourishing yourself, you are also protecting your baby at the same time. 
Hydration is Key

Belli Skincare featured on Amy West Travel the Blog
For extra hydration check out Belli’s full line of facial products as well. Every momma wants that healthy glow, especially after baby is born and sleep is rare. For ultimate hydration my picks are the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator, Eye Brightening Cream, and Sheer Comfort Lip Balm. 
Taking care of baby ultimately means taking care of you too. Hydrate your skin, prevent and minimize stretch marks, and supply the skin you’re in with the moisture it craves. Expecting or not, these products are refreshing and nourishing and most importantly guilt free. Find Belli products at Ulta, Buy Buy Baby, Destination Maternity, and other fine retailers or purchase online
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Enjoy the Journey!
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Travel and Lifestyle Blogger Amy West reviews  Belli Skincare
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