Tribal Inspired Fashion Tips
I’m so pleased to have fashion blogger and A-list contributor Natalie Guether returnto get us up to speed on the tribal trend that is back fiercer than ever this spring. As I strolled through the store today I wasn’t surprised to see many stand out tribal pieces making their bold statement on the stands. Get in the know on how to rock your tribal look this spring/summer. 

Natalie rocking the Tribal Trend

The tribal trend is back for another go around, and no one could be more excited than this girl. As someone with a serious case of wanderlust, I rode this trend hard. I spent way too much money on pieces that make me look like I just came back from Morocco, so I am happy that my entire jewelry collection is not out of date. 
What I love about the tribal trend is that you only need one solid piece to accomplish the look, turning an otherwise boring outfit into something exotic. Here are some tips so you can tastefully look like you just came back from Brazil.
1. Tribal Necklace – This is the easiest look to accomplish and one that can work from day to night. I take a chunky necklace adorned with feathers or beads of some sort and pair it with a plain top. I think it looks best when the top is tighter or more form fitting, that way it doesn’t look like you just came back from the bush. 
2. Tribal Print Shirt – These are super easy because they are effortlessly international, but  you have to be careful not to overdo it. Since the shirt is so busy, stick to a solid metal necklace (gold or silver). You can have some fun with the shoes since the pieces are separated by your legs, but I would stick to something with straps (chunky straps would look great). 
Tribal Inspirations
Get Tribal!
3. Tribal Skirt – This is one of my favorite parts of the trend because A) Not a lot of people wear it B) It works for day or night C) It looks amazing. You can have some serious fun with this one, in fact I usually wear a statement shoe and statement necklace to complete the look. To balance everything out, I wear a plain top. You really can’t go wrong with a chambre, but I will also do a loose white shirt or a gray tee. Always do a necklace to tie it all together, and if you’re going to skimp on anything, you can get away with not-as-fabulous shoe. If you are going to do the shoe, make sure it is a solid color that matches with the outfit. I am personally not a fan of mixing prints, but I am aware that it is a thing. 
4. Tribal Shoe – These bad boys will add an extra edge to any outfit. As I mentioned before, you can wear a solid color shoe with a print pant, but if you have shoes that have their own pattern, that is a whole different ball game. With these, I usually keep it simple with a pair of jeans and a plain tee but tie it together with a necklace. The outfit needs symmetry, so make sure the necklace matches in some way; either have a color or metal that will complement the shoe.
Have fun embracing the wild side this season! I hope this trend with inspire you to venture somewhere exotic; because lets be real, it’s a lot more fun to find a necklace in Istanbul than Forever 21. 

Thanks again Natalie, I’ll keep those tips in mind as I pull out my worldly finds to liven up my spring wardrobe! I look forward to your next post.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West