Tropical Tea Time Bliss
Tea Time by the Sea

Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in One Ocean Resort’s High Tea experience with some of the most deserving ladies I know. These ladies have been through a lot this year and it was the perfect treat at the right time of year to get together and reflect on what made the year so eventful.

Incredible ladies enjoying the impeccable service at One Ocean Resort

One Ocean did not hold back. From the time I arrived they greeted me by name, seating me and my party at a comfortable table overlooking the sea.

The service was impeccable, from start to finish our every need and whim was cared for.

Enjoying the tradition and experience of tea time has been something I’ve begun taking part in regularly over the last few years. One Ocean’s High Tea service was unique and on par with their “first coast” inspired cuisine. With influences from the tropics like savory Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin and refreshing Florida Crab Salad on the menu, you are unlikely to experience a tea time quite like it anywhere else, making it an ideal Tea Time destination.
Delicate and devine concoctions from the Chefs at One Ocean


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


The tea selections were no less inviting with flavor selections ranging from delicate to robust. The wait staff was well educated on all tasting notes and gave great suggestions including ones not usually included in the presentation. Indeed, your wish is their delight.


Tea selections ranging from delicate to robust


From savory, and refreshing, to sweet, and enticing the service finale’ was a variety of freshly prepared delicacies. Traditional scones, tarts, and macaroons all made the list along with more southern inspired pecan delights and meringue concoctions. My only regret was the lack of room I left to try each one. To enhance the dessert experience our server, Danielle suggested a CoCo Truffle Tea to enjoy together, which I agreed was the perfect touch.


Meringue delight


Traditional and Southern Inspired Desserts


I loved the Co Co Truffle Tea
Wrapping up our afternoon we were pleasantly surprised by a gift from Chef Ted Peters himself, his proprietary seasoning used on many of the great selections on Azurea’s menu.  (See more about Chef Ted’s spice inspiration on Like Love Want Need)


Clearly One Ocean Resort knows a thing or two about going the extra mile. Their Luxurious High Tea is only available for a short time so make your reservation today, and tell them Amy West sent you!


With our fantastic server Danielle
 Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
 From November 29- December 23rd One Ocean Resort invites you to come relax, and enjoy the company of those dear to you with their refreshing High Tea. 
Amy West
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