What’s in My Bag | Part 1
As a frequent traveler I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite new finds in my new ongoing series “What’s in My Bag”. This is my chance to reveal the best beauty secrets, my go to travel wardrobe, and the newest trends in the world of wanderlust. Some of these products have worked with me on collaborations, some I’ve found organically while shopping or talking to friends. However they fell in to my lap, you can be sure I’m smitten with them, otherwise they wouldn’t be worth toting around with me on my adventures. Join me as I unveil my most recent favorite discoveries. 

Amy West's travel must haves

By the Numbers
10. Watercolor Octopus Tank (Similar Tank That’s Just as Cool)
12. (Unseen in Image) The BrowGal Products found in Jax at Solé Spa

what to pack on your next trip

The Bag

The bag itself must be innovative, functional, and of course fashionable whenever possible. I love this RISE Gear Jumper Bag I recently reviewed. This brilliant concept saves you time when packing and unpacking. I also recently reviewed Origami Unicorn’s TUO, which helps you organize and pack your undergarments. I was attracted to the fact that you can hang it up in your travel closet, something it shares with RISE Gear. 

Bags that help keep you organized

When it comes to travel and fashion, I’m all about a few statement pieces that can be worn many times. This may mean they are neutral and go with anything like these gladiator sandals (seen in several of my recent fashion posts), and my panama hat (which I wear all the time I know), or it may mean the item is exceptionally versatile like this sarong that can be worn as a scarf or cover up. In my cover image I also included my watercolor octopus shirt which is to date one of my most complimented shirts ever (should have heard how bananas folks went at the aquarium we visited). I also included a great neutral statement necklace and my Anjolee studs which both go with virtually anything. Whatever the reason, if it made the edit into my bag, it is likely to be timeless and eye catching. 

gladiator sandals and sarong

It’s hard to feel fly when you are trying to travel light and you can’t bring the whole beauty bar in your bag. Just like my fashion choices I focus on bringing products that make a statement, are versatile, and go with anything. Part of that philosophy is making sure you have the basics covered. I’ve talked about Image Skincare Products before however, it’s worth saying again, I can’t live without the IConceal foundation. This miracle formula is mineral based, long lasting, sweat resistant, and includes spf. It’s a perfect fit and always on my packing list. I’ve been meaning to do a little more research into the latest Nerium reviews to see if it is worthy enough to added to my skincare arsenal.
The BrowGal products and Image Skincare
A more recent find and now complete addiction are The BrowGal products. I’m sad to admit that for years I’ve been behind on my brow game. I shaped them sure, but I never really filled them in or enhanced them in any way. The last few years, brows have been back “in” big time and I’ve made an effort, but those efforts really didn’t take shape until I found The BrowGal products. While at a regular waxing appointment at Solé Spa here in Jacksonville, I was given the full brow treatment with shaping, and color matching to ensure my brows were providing the natural framework to my face they were meant to. The pencil has a built in sharpener which is extra convenient when traveling!

Handy Little Things

These Epic Wipes are my new fav handy little things. 14x the size of normal wipes, these gems can really help out in a pinch if you are feeling the ick factor after a long day of travel, or if you have kids that know how to make a major mess (me, me, me). They are safe, healthy, and biodegradable so you can feel good about using them on the whole family. 
Another handy little thing I’ve discovered recently is the website Case2Fit built by Case Luggage. I’ll be doing future round ups of useful travel sites I love, but this one deserves a little airtime pronto since it has to do with travel bags. Using Case2Fit you can put in the dimensions of your bag and find out if your carry on will fit in the cabin of any airline. This would have been perfect for me on my last flight when my carry on fit on one leg of the trip but not the second! Don’t be caught unprepared. Use this handy little site! 

Epic Wipes

What are your go to travel must haves? I love learning new tricks and tips of the trade! Whether it be fashion, beauty, snacks, staples, or stuff for kids, sound off in the comments below. 
I can’t wait to share more of my finds in the future, look for bags full of gear for solo, couples, and family travel coming soon.
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

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