Why Everyone Must Visit New Zealand –

In a little less than a week I will be celebrating 9 years of love, happiness, comedy, and tragedy with my best friend, David. Yes, we started young marrying at ages 21 and 23. Besides our faith the biggest thing that has held us together all these years, is the number one thing that attracted me to him, an epic sense of adventure. Here we are nearly a decade later sharing our passion for adventure with the rest of you, how is that for a full circle moment!

9 years of Adventure with this Stud!

We chose to spend the majority of our nuptial budget not on our wedding (a humble event with just immediate family and a few friends), but on a once in a lifetime honey moon. We started the ultimate adventure (marriage) together in the capital of adventure, New Zealand. In honor of our three weeks of honey moon bliss, I’m sharing with you the….

Top 4 Reasons Why Everyone Must Visit New Zealand

1. The Most Stunning Landscapes in the World
Yep, I said it. In all the world New Zealand can boast subtropical forest, miles of coastline, rugged mountains, giant redwoods, volcanoes, rivers, vast planes, glaciers, and hot springs all within driving distance of each other (or a short plane or boat ride between North and South Islands).

The Most Stunning Landscapes in the World

During our honey moon we visited the North Island staying in three different cities. Auckland, a metropolitan city bustling with business, suburban families, and a strong representation by the arts community; Raglan, the surfing Mecca of NZ, featuring what some say is the best left hand break in the world; and Rotorua, a tourist town known for it’s towering red woods, and geothermal wonders.

Glaciers to Redwoods they have it all in NZ

2. The Adventure Capital of the World
The Kiwis are the preeminent experts in adventure based sports. In fact, they even invented bungee jumping! While we were there we only participated in a few extra curricular activities including surfing, kayaking, horseback riding, indoor rock climbing, and off roading. A few other specialties you can find there are hand gliding, kite surfing, yoga, zorbing, ice climbing, hiking, and cycling. Whatever your style of activity, from low to high impact, they have mastered it.

David trying to surf the famous left hand break with his beginners board. 
Amy mastering the indoor climbing wall. 
These little Suzuki’s really kicked butt off road! 
Amy about to go for a ride on horseback at Magic Mountain.

3. Award Winning Wine Country
Home to some of the best vintages in the world, New Zealand is known for it’s prestigious wine region. We had a chance to visit Waiheke Island while we were there. Sadly, at 21 and 23, we really knew nothing about wine, however we certainly loved everything we tasted at Mudbrick. The next time we arrive in New Zealand, I have my eye set on Marlborough, one of my favorite regions for Sauvignon Blanc.

David shows off the view at Mudbrick Vineyards in Waiheke Island, NZ.
Marborough, NZ is home to some of the best wine you will ever taste. 

Of course with great wine, you can guarantee there will be great eats. A culinary tour of New Zealand is also a must. Try the rack of lamb. New Zealand is known for its wealth of lamb, and has perfected the art of preparing it.

NZ is famous for their bountiful lamb.

4. Rich History and Vibrant Future 
From the native New Zealand Maori to it’s colonial British roots, you will find plenty of rich Kiwi history to investigate. New Zealanders are proud of their roots and no where is that more prevalent than in their Rugby team the All Black’s war chant called the Haka. As seen here.

The future is just as bright for New Zealand with it’s growing wine industry and booming movie business, you will certainly find much to explore in the world of culture, and art.

Bridal Veil Falls

Preservation is of utmost priority to the inhabitants of NZ, and for this reason we can celebrate many more years of majesty in the sand and soil of this rich and versatile land.

Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

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